architecture and avant-garde design

With more than 25 years of presence in the market, we seek to elevate ourselves to our great ideal of transforming the city with great works. Each project is personalized and designed for each of our clients under their unique requirements. Considering every detail when generating each of the spaces of the project. BUILDING IN SUSTAINABILITY AND CREATING IN RESPONSIBLE PASSION.


In our commitment to connect with the global, we establish a look to the outside, we bring a vision of decality and we manage to regionalize the ideas, this happened from the beginning marked with the Urban Planning and the Juan SantamarĂ­a International Airport. From a professional point of view, we have felt honored to be able to develop one of the most important infrastructure works for the country. This work is not only the access door to the country. It is also the common exercise of our professional practice of carrying out the objective of "local commitment with world quality", which we add in each of the works.


Experience recognizes us as capable of working on various scales and typologies of hotel projects. We add environments and locations on the beach and in the mountains, urban typologies of long and medium stay, boutique hotels and internationally recognized chains. Focused on the user we make experiences that build through a solid design, real experiences, security and shelter and synergies with the natural or urban environment that match the architecture. This is what we offer as professionals when developing a successful hotel project.

working area

Office spaces are an extension of a second home, an instance of sharing. Within the manifest destiny of our office, we seek to add joy, color, and warmth to each of these spaces. We add international references in the creation of new, non-generic workplaces that are unique and close to each and every one of our guests. We study the current trends and seek to anticipate the feeling of productivity and social intention understanding as a mark of business changes.


The residential work goes hand in hand with the most intimate approach and joint work of our customers, this is where we listen in a much more accurate and with the greatest conviction the design intentions to solve a unique product to each individual, each family and each new home

office blocks

pioneers in the realization of business centers and offices. Interested in impacting the growing demand for services in which our country has been immersed for several decades, we have been present as a local design firm in seeking solutions together with our business partners, to provide a home and a place for companies that are installed in Costa Rica to operate under the free zone regime, which are offered AAA office space and a comprehensive service that exceeds the highest expectations.

industrial estates

Hand in hand with the interest of joining us as a company with a global vision and within the work of professional study, we have taken a look at the design and planning of industrial parks. It is there from the planning of the environment and the functional understanding of a space warehouse, advanced and studied in the architectural typologies to dignify them, understanding the importance of generating answers technologically coherent as much as functional. We have generated successful solutions, in different latitudes of the country for the satisfaction of our clients.


The quality of the architectural space can have an impact on the quality of the education of students as users. In the last few years we have developed an important work for the pedagogical sector directed from the private effort, with the high quality that represents us and in the search of excellence.


Contributing to the strengthening of public and private institutions is an important goal, not only in terms of professional work seen as a business, but also in terms of the primary interest of contributing to design by strengthening processes, functionality and the reception of institutional services. We are part of the gear to improve its image, we are to improve the working conditions of its employees, we serve with the mission that each client of you, feel well served in their premises.

mixed usage

The complexity of an architectural building can be subordinated to the best way to develop a property and the business views on how to do this. We are open to experimentation, to the search for possibilities, to the integration of mixtures and to the handling of various typologies. We want to be the impulse of your business, in the search of the right answers to achieve the best project for your satisfaction. We are specialists in mixed use and we want to accompany you in this process.